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September 1


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Movie Madness-

       Karkat walked into the kitchen to get the ice cream for the two of them. While he was getting the ice cream served, he was thinking back to (Name)... how beautiful her laughing face was and how soft her feet were. He loved it when he made her laugh and how adorably annoying she was at times. He didn't even know why he agreed to the game, she always had the best strategies and he never knew where she was. He always payed attention to his own screen. He should sneak peeks at her screen from now on. How the hell does she do it? He was the one who taught her how to play, damn it.
       While he was awing over (Name), he didn't realize that he was just staring at the ice cream in the bowl, he was supposed to be putting ice cream in the next one. He shook his head and heard different voices from behind him. He turned around and laughed. (Name) paused the movie, peeking her eyes over the back of the couch, looking at Karkat, making different goofy voices saying 'Kaaaaarrrrkaaaat~' over and over. He finished and walked back to her. "If you don't stop, I'll eat your ice cream too." He smirked down at her.
(Name) reached up at him and made grabby hands, pouting with puppy eyes like a child. He sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes comically. He plopped down next to her and leaned his head back on the couch. She giggled and reached for the ice cream in his hand. He raised an eyebrow and raised his hand up above his head. She scrunched her nose at him and grabbed his sides.
       "AY! Nu-uh-hehehe. I could drop them and then no ice cream for either of us." He chuckled. He gave up and set the ice cream on the coffee table. She grabbed her bowl and spoon and leaned back into Karkat's side. Karkat played the movie and saw that it was the part where Ula and Henry were on the road.
       "You came in at the perfect time." (Name) whispered to him and took a bite of ice cream.
       "I know I did." He whispered back and she giggled softly.
       Ula was pretending to beat up Henry and Lucy saw it. (Name) tried not to laugh and snorted, which made the ice cream in her throat go up to her sinuses. She put down the bowl and burst out laughing at what happened. Karkat looked at her and saw her grabbing her nose. She started coughing and laughing at the same time. Karkat tried not to laugh but failed, "(Name), what happened?" he chuckled and rubbed her back. She hacked a big cough, "Ice cream up my nose." she wheezed. They full on laughed and she rubbed her nose in his shoulder.
       "A-hahaha-ay! I don't want strawberry snot on my damn shirt!" He laughed and tried to shove her off gently, but she hugged his torso and stuffed her face into his side. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and chuckled at her.
       "Oh, you crazy bitch!" Ula said in the movie while running away from Lucy, who was just beating him up with her bat.
       "Yeah, keep running!" Lucy yelled back at him.
       Karkat and (Name) giggled at that and kept watching.
       After about ten minutes, (Name) had a pillow under her head and was laying her legs across Karkat's lap. He was tempted to tickle her bare feet, but he knew she was sleepy. Her eyes kept trying to stay open for the movie and Karkat smiled at that. She loved this movie, even though she doesn't really like romcoms. She still tolerated them for Karkat. She loved this movie though because Ula and Henry remind her of Sollux and Karkat a bit. Ula was the funniest side character to her and she loved the walrus. She always awed at it and kept saying that she wanted to cuddle and hug it, which made Karkat laugh, but he was a bit jealous.
       Karkat glanced at (Name) and noticed that she was sleeping. He felt brave and knew that the couch cushions were wide enough for three people to lay down side by side, so he laid down on his side, next to (Name). He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms gently around her waist. He felt her turn in his arms, but didn't open his eyes. He felt something warm and soft on his cheek, and blinked his eyes. He raised his eyebrows and blushed. He saw (Name) blushing (blood color) and her (eye color) eyes looking into his red ones. 'Oh shitshitshitshitshit..'
(sorry if Karkat is OOC)

Chapter 1- The Unexpected Arrival
Chapter 2- Attack on Attackers
Chapter 3- Movie Madness
Chapter 4- Confessing is Awesome

wtf What? OMG Spaz attack omg cry  

"Confessing Is a Bit Crazy" takes place before these stories:
Something I Need (songfic), Aching Legs and Love, and Never Bothered Me

:iconadorablekarkatplz: belongs to (you) and Homestuck which belongs to Andrew Hussie

ohmanohmanohmanohmanohmanohmanohmanOHMAN!!!!owmahgosh a cookeh..i wants :3 Oh my GOD GOD GOD GOD "omgomgomg" Supernatural - Paranoid Dean Extreme OMG 
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